Do You Need a New Roof? Warning Signs to Look For

 Warning Signs that a Roof needs to be Replaced

How old is the roof on your house? Is it time to replace it? Arguably, all homeowners know that the roof is a critical part of the house and needs to be maintained. However, it is often overlooked and as time goes by, whether it is maintained or not, age will take its toll and it will need to be replaced.

Age is certainly a factor to consider when deciding if a roof needs to be replaced. Generally speaking, a roof will last about 20-25 years. There are other potential signs that can help you determine if you will need to replace the roof:

Start your inspection inside:

Light coming through the roof boards: Go into the attic and before turning on a light, determine if any light is coming through any cracks or hole. If this is happening, then water is also getting in and that’s a problem.

Check Insulation: Soggy insulation could be a sign that there is a leak in the roof.

Critters have taken up residence in the attic: The thought of this can make almost anyone squirm, but it is an indication that the roof has a missing or rotting section and needs attention.

Leaks: Look at the walls and ceilings and see if there are brown spots, stains, or any obvious signs of water damage.

Outside Roof Inspection:

Some indicators that a roof needs to be replaced can be detected without going on the roof. Some require getting on the roof. Whether you do this yourself or hire a professional the following signs may indicate that the roof needs to be replaced:

General Appearance: This can include cracked shingles, missing granules which result in bald spots, shingle edges curling, and damaged flashing.

Missing Shingles: This can be the result of a strong storm, improper installation, or even age.

Dark Streaks: These streaks are caused by algae growth and are very common in humid climates. In many cases, it can be washed off, but it can also harm the roof.

Next Steps

Document any damage and questionable areas. Taking pictures can also help with this. Then contact the professionals at Parker Roofing Options in Tallahassee at 850-668-7663 or filling out the online form. We look forward to working with you to establish the best course of action in terms of servicing your roof. We provide residential and commercial roofing services, including roofing repairs throughout North Florida and South Georgia.

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