Our Re-Roof Process

Like everything, the roof on your home or business has a limited lifespan. So when the time comes to replace it, PRO Roofing of Tallahassee are the experts that can do the job. From start to finish, we will not only provide the highest quality in workmanship, but we will communicate with you and answer any questions you may have. Re-roofing is a big investment and as such we have outlined what you can expect:

First Contact


You can either give us a call or submit an online estimate request. We will then contact you, gather your information, and schedule a time to come out to your home or business.

Survey and Estimate


When we come to your home or business at the designated time, we will take pictures, measure and inspect the roof. We are looking for potential problem areas such as stains, signs of rot, damage to the flashing and shingles, and any of the other components related to the roof. After measurements are taken, our estimator will discuss your roofing options and be able to answer any questions.

The Project Proposal



The next step is to prepare a proposal for the project. This all-inclusive proposal will include a scope of work that details the installation steps and materials that will be used, warranty information, and the cost. After you approve and sign the proposal, the project preparation will begin.

Project Preparation



Once the signed proposal is received, we will work with you to select your color, collect your deposit, and get the project scheduled. During this phase, the necessary permits are acquired and materials for your project are ordered.

Job Site Preparation/Pre-Installation



On the scheduled start date for your project, a dump trailer will be delivered and parked as close as possible to your home or business for all roofing debris. Pictures of the job site are taken during a pre-installation job site walk through. Necessary steps are taken to protect the building and surrounding property. After the job site preparation is completed, the old roofing material is removed down to the sheathing. The sheathing is inspected and replaced if required. The sheathing is then re-nailed and the secondary barrier is installed to building code. If necessary, this is followed by an inspection from the area Building Department.




Following the inspector’s approval, the new roof system is installed by our experienced and knowledgeable crew members. After the installation is finished, the site is cleaned and all the debris is removed.

Final Inspection


A final inspection is scheduled with the area Building Department. A final inspection will also be completed by PRO Roofing to ensure that everything has been done correctly and that you are completely satisfied because we care about our customers, their satisfaction, and the quality of our workmanship.

Project Completion




Any questions you may have will be discussed. We will talk to you about warranties, maintenance tips, and other details. You can be confident that your re-roofing experience will be positive and painless when PRO Roofing does the job. Using only the finest materials and paying attention to every detail, our team is committed to both quality workmanship and superlative customer service. Contact us today for your free estimate.

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