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Protect your employees and company assets with roof anchors and fall protection solutions.

Roof Anchors and Window Washing Anchors for Fall Protection 

Roof Anchors

A large number of workplace accidents are caused by falls from high places. Roof fall protection systems can prevent these accidents. One component of the system is the roof anchor. The roof anchor is attached to the building; other components such as safety harnesses and lead lines are attached to the anchors.

Anchor Installation

There are multiple types of roof anchor systems, with the best one being permanent fixed roof anchors. These are load-rated anchors which are specifically designed and permanently installed as fall prevention and safety system setups.

The permanent fixed system we recommend will meet all OSHA regulations and will keep your team safe while giving you the confidence to keep the job moving smoothly.

What are the Advantages of Certified Roof Anchors for Fall Protection?

There are several reasons roof anchors for fall protection are beneficial:

Compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA): An employer who does not comply with OSHA with the proper roof anchors can be assessed a penalty. Certified roof anchors are compliant with OSHA regulations. Part of this compliance does require annual visual inspections and renewed certification every 10 years.

Enhanced Safety: A roof anchor system that is certified is one that is designed to the building’s specific needs. This allows vendors and subcontractors to do their jobs safely and efficiently.

Cost Benefits: A certified roof anchor system can reduce your roof costs over time. In addition, vendors have more flexibility in how they perform their services which can decrease their fees.

Window Washing Anchors

Window washing presents a unique set of circumstances since it involves a person or persons to be suspended over the side of a building.

  • Specific standards have been set by the International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) as well as ANSI and OSHA.
  • Building owners must have documentation stating they have had certified window washing anchors installed.
  • As with roof anchors, window washing anchors must be inspected annually and be recertified every 10 years.

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