Category: Causes of Roof Problems

Problems with Rooftop Equipment, Signs, Braces and Supports
Often, the rooftop is used as a platform for all types of mechanical equipment, ladder struts, antennas, flag poles, signs, bracing, etc. These items should not be placed on the rooftop except when absolutely necessary. They should never be mounted or placed directly to the top of the roof membrane, as leaks beneath or adjacent to the supports for this equipment are impossible to repair. Rather, they should be mounted to a support structure or to raised curb-type supports. Flat flange or curb flashings can then be used to keep the roof watertight, and roof replacement and recovering can be done without disturbing or removing the equipment. Pitch pans, however, should not be used to keep supports watertight, and should be avoided where possible. Refer to the ARI/NRCA/SMACNA Guidelines for Roof-Mounted Outdoor Air- Conditioner Installations, and the roof membrane manufacturer for recommendations concerning the proper mounting and flashing of these items

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