Our Vision

Creating a world where property owners are fearless of the weather!

Our Values


I am productive and focus on the task at hand, so I am able to perform without mistakes. I pay attention to details to maintain the precision and quality we aim for at PRO Roofing. If I make a mistake, I own it and make it right.


I am altruistic, patient, attentive, and passionate. I have empathy and admiration for my teammates, customers, and the community. I understand that caring for others involves listening, being nonjudgmental, considering others opinions and perspectives. I have the eagerness to inspire and engage my teammates, customers, and the community.


I believe in myself. I am comfortable in my abilities. I up lift my teammates and customers through positive assurance and professionalism. I maintain my confidence through continued training and education.

Customer Service

I adjust my personality to fit our customers to ensure I provide timely, responsive, and upbeat service. I reflect positively on the business, my teammates, and our customers by maintaining self-control, being flexible, and respecting others. I continue to learn about the roofing industry to guarantee the best service possible.


I am hardworking and do things with great care. I am determined to be thorough and reliable. I am happy where I am today and allow myself to enjoy the small victories. I strive for a better tomorrow, knowing I have more to do.


I move quickly to get tasks done efficiently by approaching my day with excitement and enthusiasm. I have the strength and determination needed to push forward.  I am powerful and purpose driven.


I take the initiative to motivate, support, and provide feedback to my teammates. My can-do attitude allows me to help collaborate and contribute to team effectiveness. I lead through encouragement and recognition. I am responsible for proving my competence.


Through development, design, and creative thinking, I plan and manage an orderly method to tasks. I am always prepared and ready for the next job. I possess the necessary strategies and tactics to perform exceptionally and to provide the best solutions.


The qualities and characteristics that I hold allow me to deliver outstanding performance. I display a positive behavior and have great manners. I am proactively committed to being honest and dependable. I am adaptable and have the ability to conform to my environment. I have a neatly groomed appearance and proficient command presence.


I listen with curiosity, speak with candor, and act with integrity. I have deep reverence although I keep a tenacious tone. I take responsibility for my actions; therefore, I make accountable choices. I am considerate and honor the feelings, thoughts, and property of others.


I maintain effective communication. I build good rapport and influence my teammates. I give direction that energizes, orients, and engages my teammates. My diversity in knowledge, views, and perceptions, along with my participative leadership allows me to work together with my teammates towards a shared goal.


I am authentic and have high character. I am compassionate, humble, and kind. I am honest, transparent and keep my commitments. I am resourceful with the ability to continue to learn and grow. I take affirmative actions while making good decisions. If there is a misunderstanding, I am willing to apologize.

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